The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia Books

$ 10.00

Welcome to the Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia!

There are three books and a deluxe edition. Select the book(s) in the drop-down menu that best suits your interest!

• The Grand Bazaar hardcover is the first book set in a world I first envisioned in 1998. The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia is an illustrated novel collecting different stories and points of view that introduce you to a world of monsters. The book features a red faux leather cover with embossed gold printing, 245 pages of art and stories, nearly 100 pieces of art, a fold-out map, and more! Take your first step into the Grand Bazaar with this book.

• Want to take your Dungeons & Dragons game to the Grand Bazaar or want to bring some of the denizens of the Grand Bazaar into your game? Then the Stats Guide is perfect for you. This 84-page pocket guide contains all of the 5th Edition stats needed to use the monsters and beings from the hardcover into your game. The stats guide has been created as a book set in the Grand Bazaar and continues to world build and add to the story found in the hardcover. 

• Do you like to color monsters and the world they live in? Then you will want to get a copy of the Grand Coloring Book of Ethra VanDalia. The coloring book features all of the main art from the hardcover as line art ready to be colored. Each page is backed with solid black to allow markers or similar wet media to be used without the need to worry about bleeding.

• There are several options to mix and match these books or to purchase all three.

• Lastly, there is the Deluxe Clamshell edition of the books. All three books come in an exclusive clamshell case. These are limited to an edition of 100, and each comes with a signed and number bookplate that features an original drawing. Over half of these sold during the Kickstarter, and once they are gone, they are gone. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing any of the books and want them signed by me, please leave a note when placing your order that you want them signed. Otherwise, only the bookplate included with the Deluxe Edition will have a signature. 

Please contact me with any questions.

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